What was your week like? I spent this week mainly with learning to school. By the way- I decided that I will write some posts in English language for foreign readers. I prepared for you today wishlist for online shop StyleWe.com.

When I saw this online shop for the first time,the clothes immediately fascinated me. They are selling individual designer's clothes.

Grey Mash Midi skirt
When I was younger I had one mash skirt in cream color. This skirt is similar to that skirt but this is little bit longer and in gray color. I really like gray color and midi skirt. This combination is absolute goal for me.

Yellow coat
We live in world where people wear ordinary dark clothes. I don't know why they are wearing them. I think we should wear bright, warm colors as yellow, orange and so on. I'm addicted to yellow color. This coat is so so perfect. It is so minimalistics, and whole coat is interesting through this thick yellow stripe.

Coffee Jumpsuit
I don't have any jumpsuit in my wardrobe and I should admit that I have never looked up any at shops. But when I saw this huge offer of cool jumspuits I was fascinated. I really like this one in coffee color.

In my opinion is this online store totally awesome. You can find here really stylish pieces.
For inspirations of their outfits you can check their Instagram.

Have you ever heart about this online store?

See you in the next post.
Bye and have a nice weekend.


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